Welcome to Australia's Best Slide on Truck Campers

About Us

First and foremost, we love to travel around Australia in our Northern Lite Australian Ultimate Camper. We have been doing for many years and have learnt a lot about slide-on campers and what is needed to travel in comfort and enjoy each and every journey.

Our world class slide on campers are the result of many years research. This research involved many kilometres of travel throughout Australia testing all components while enjoying the lifestyle we advocate. We have put a lot of time and effort into our campers and are now enjoying the rewards of our work, which we share with our customers. That doesn't mean we have stopped researching and continuing to improve the Northern Lite Slide-on Truck Campers even more. Some of the latest upgrades are also our best.

Our philosophy is simple. The best product at the best price with the most professional service.

The Product:

We researched and tested many slide-on campers but Northern Lite Truck Campers always came out on top. The quality was second to none, the lightweight strength and the service, support and back up is superb. We have added many features since our first campers and most are installed during manufacture. Many of the features originally added for Australian Campers only have now become standard or optional in the North American models. We are very proud of our Northern Lite Australian Ultimate Campers. We advertise them as the Best Slide on Camper in Australia and no one has argued the point.

The Best Price:

We save our customers mega dollars by not having expensive showrooms and full time factories with the associated costs for insurance, rates, water, electricity etc.   We don't have full time staff (wages, payroll tax, superannuation, work cover etc.) We don't go to expensive caravan and camping shows. We don't spend a fortune advertising. Its the future of business in Australia, making products available on the internet at prices that reflect the lack of overheads.  Some say it is unfair on the businesses that have all the overheads and stock etc. Our opposition call us 'back yard traders' and similar but that is irrelevant . How you spend your hard earned money is up to you. You can pay a lot more for an inferior camper that comes out of an expensive showroom but this will mean nothing while you are travelling in the Kimberley.

Most Professional Service:

We spend a lot of time with our customers, setting up their campers on vehicles and showing them how everything works. Generally it takes 2 days but many stay longer and we explore camping highlights like happy hour. After all, there's no sense sending someone out on the road unprepared. Our after sales service matches our before and during sales service. We offer 24/7 service and fortunately our customers choose which hours of the 24 wisely. For example, when I was up in the Kimberley one of my Queensland customers (travelling in Victoria at the time) phoned and needed a replacement part for something he had damaged. The part was there 2 days later. It's a modern communications world we live in.  Our service and support is just a phone call away.

While it is extremely rare to have any warranty issues with Northern Lite Campers, I do spend a lot of time servicing customers who bought other makes of slide-on campers. We supply not only parts but also friendly advice.  I personally hate to see people stuck, especially in the middle of nowhere on their much anticipated trip. When something goes wrong, they phone the place that sold them the camper and find they either can't help, don't know or are no longer in business. In many instances the problems are not as bad as they appear and we can help out on the phone.

While it would be ideal to make these campers in Australia it is not financially viable. Firstly it would be impossible to recover the substantial set up costs , then the various federal, state and local council rules and regulations, taxes and other costs would virtually double the current cost of campers. The Australian market is not big enough to support the huge number of Recreational Vehicle manufacturers (caravan, campervan, motorhome, 5th Wheeler, camper trailer and most importantly, Slide-on Campers), hence a lot go to the wall.  Northern Lite have been building Slide-on Truck Campers in Canada for many years and they are supplying a market (USA and Canada) that is over 20 times larger.  Sure it costs more to import these campers but the build quality is second to none and the service and support is exemplary. 

We intend to travel for many years to come and, hopefully, we will sell a few campers along the way and continue to supply back up support to our customers (and others). We don't have any "expensive overheads" or commitments to meet so we are never stressed about having to sell campers to make ends meet.  We are in the recreation industry, it's a very relaxed business style and that's on a busy day.