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Fantastic Vent

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We consider this a high priority as we travel extensively in our camper and avoid winters. We bush camp (or free camp if you like) and on hot nights we open the skylight above the bed, close all the windows and turn on the Fantastic Vent with the remote control and set it to the exhaust or out setting. This draws a gentle breeze across the bed and out through the vent at the other end of the camper.

The Fantastic Fan can be set to a pre determined temperature so that if it cools down during the night, the fan speed will slow or cut off altogether.  There is even a Rain Sensor that shuts the vent if it rains.  How good is that! 

It's main function is to save marriages by quickly removing any unpleasant odour that may materialise, particularly after a long Happy Hour or a Blazing Saddles feed of beans!