Standard Features Australian Ultimate Models

Lithium Battery

Amptron 200 amp hour LiFePo4 battery complete with a Cell Balancing Battery Management System essential to maintain the life of Lithium batteries.

Options: 300 amp hour and 400 amp hour lithium upgrades available, also 260 amp hour AGM.

Redarc BMS 1230S2

Our world class campers are fully self contained off road capable truck campers and at the heart of these is the Redarc Battery Management System.

A reliable power supply should be top of your list.  We never sell a camper without a Redarc BMS1230S2.

Remote Legs or Jacks

All our campers are fitted with Happicac remote controlled electric jacks. These make loading and unloading a simple 5 minute task. Raise and lower all four  camper jacks  with the push of a button. Alternatively you can adjust each jack individually.

180 Litre Fridge Freezer 12volt 240volt Gas

A decent sized fridge is not often available in slide on truck campers, but it is always one of our most appreciated inclusions. Runs on 240 volt when available, 12 volt (only when the vehicle engine is running), and LP gas, which we have found to be extremely efficient, at other times. Mirrored doors standard.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

The Houghton Belaire is a low profile, lightweight genuine reverse cycle air conditioner. Using the latest technology they have made a super efficient unit which is the lightest in it's class. Starts and runs easily using a Honda 2, can even run for hours powered by the lithium battery!

2500 watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Cotek SD2500 pure sine wave inverter with remote control. Mains power runs through the inverter when connected and when you have no external 240 volt power source (mains or generator) you simply switch on the inverter and have 240volt power to all your power outlets in the camper from the battery.

Crank out Side Awning

 A quality awning made by Carefree of Colorado, a massive 3.1 metres long and 3.1 metres wide. Cranks out in just a few seconds. Legs attach to the ground or back to the camper.  Designed to take the Carefree annex. Can be used on and off the vehicle. Option: A second side awning can be fitted on 10-2 models

Electric Rear awning

We now have as standard the Carefree of Colorado motorised rear awning. When fully extended it is  approx 7' (2.10m).   These are a great addition to the camper - so easy to set up. Handy in the rain. Has LED lights as well. Option: Can be fitted with a motion sensor to automatically retract in high wind.

Fully Enclosed Annex

Made by Carefree of Colorado naturally, their 'Add-A-Room', or annex has a floor and side curtain or skirt, and is a huge 3.10 metres square. Designed for fast set up and pack up. Full gauze with roll up block out screens and roll down clears. When travelling, how much time do you spend indoors???

Roof Mounted Solar Panels

Each camper is fitted with 2 x 100 watt eArche solar panels  from Solar 4 RVs. Their expertise together with the extensive research and product testing  makes Solar 4 RVs the obvious choice. Flexible solar panels are a perfect fit for our moulded fibreglass campers. Option: Add  additional 100 watt panels.

Portable Solar Panels

Similar to the roof mounted panels, each camper comes with 2 x 100 watt eArche solar panels from Solar 4 RVs, fitted with 5 metre extension cables and Anderson plugs. The camper has external Anderson plugs wired directly to the solar input of the Redarc BMS. Perfect.

Torklift Fastguns

 These industry best stainless steel quick release turnbuckles will save time loading and unloading your camper. Using fastguns we can easily load or unload our camper in 5 minutes. Torklift Fastguns ensure your camper is anchored to the tray or chassis at the correct tension. Overtightening causes the most damage to slide on campers.

Remote Fantastic Vent

The Fantastic Vent is an absolute must have in campers. Two way (in and out) fan, can be set to temperature or to run manually with 13 speed settings. Keeps the air fresh.  Helps to ensure a good nights sleep even on the hottest of nights. Remote Controlled.

Solid Timber Cabinetry

The Northern Light cupboards and drawers are made by cabinetmakers from solid Sapele timber, which is lighter and stronger than most other options and definitely looks better. They feature top quality hinges and gas struts and have ball bearing rollers on the drawers.


Bedroom Package

Northern Lite campers come with the Complete Bedroom Package. Most importantly, they are all full queen sized beds with North/South configuration. Nothing else works. Double beds and East/West configurations are for single people.   When travelling, a good nights sleep is most important.

Jensen Stereo

 Latest model Jensen stereo, with 3 station speaker system, 4 internal  and 2 external speakers. Speakers are selectable. Has a clock and alarm. Full connectivity with most media. Great sound.


 56cm  (22”) high definition LED TV with built in DVD player. On a swing out bracket with a locking feature for travelling. Can be viewed from dinette/lounge area or from the queen bed in the cabover.


We generally use Sharp Microwaves as they are recognised as the best in Australia.  If needed, the microwave can be run off the house battery through the inverter.



All of our campers come with a separate bathroom,complete with shower and toilet.  These bathrooms feature a towel rod behind the shower curtain, a shaving cabinet behind the mirror, vanity with basin and a cassette toilet where possible. Also a roof vent with an exhaust fan.  Its all you need!

Gas Hot Water


These gas hot water systems are proven to be the most energy efficient on the market. We have never had a problem in any of the campers we have sold.

Twin 9kg Gas


Two 9kg Gas Bottles mounted on a slide out tray complete with an automatic change over system that switches from the empty gas bottle to the full gas bottle so that your fridge and appliances will keep running.     

They are both full. It’s all good.

18000 BTU Heater

These gas furnaces vent the burnt gas outside but keep the heat inside. They are so good. Built for Canadian climates with a thermostat control. Gotta love being warm in winter.

Dual Pane Windows

Dual pane windows are a great insulator and being acrylic reduces the weight of the camper. They are less likely to break and open from the bottom which is good if you leave a window open and it rains.  Two way blinds and screens.


Two Way Steps

Aluminium two way folding steps are great. They are lighter and fold up when travelling and for access to the towbar. Folded up with the camper off the truck allows the camper to sit lower to the ground making it more stable and allowing an easy two step entrance.

Winegard Rayzar Antenna

 The latest Winegard Rayzar antenna with built in 12 volt signal booster. Automatically scans and  finds all available TV stations. Works with Horizontal or Vertical signals and receives signal without being aimed directly at transmitter.

Reverse Osmosis Filter

This system has a separate 10 litre pressurised holding tank so that you always have a supply of 99.9% pure reverse osmosis filtered drinking water on hand. Now you can fill your camper freshwater tank, even from non-potable water sources, as you will always have a supply of safe, clean drinking water. 

Heki Skylight


Heki skylight has dual pane for better insulation plus it has a combination full block out blind or fly screen option. Absolutely essential on hot nights in conjunction with the Fantastic Vent.  Five star accommodation with a view of the stars.

Door Ladder Bumper

  All Northern Lite Campers have a new entrance door that has tinted glass in both windows and comes standard with pleated shades on both. They are equipped with a heavy duty rear ladder to allow access to the roof and also feature a patio style rear bumper and a swing out entry assist handle.

LED Lighting

Our campers are all fitted with LED lighting that significantly reduces power consumption. There are 19 LED lights and they are top of the range "warm LEDs" that produce more natural light with less glare  and far less heat. The outside lights have an easy swap amber lens which attract less insects

Stove and Oven

  3 Burner Stove with Oven. Features self igniting burners and a stylish smoked glass stove cover that doubles as a splash back. Has a range hood with 12 volt fan and light.  

No. 1 selling RV stove in the USA.


Stainless Steel Sink

This high grade stainless steel sink has to be the largest sink ever in a Slide on  truck camper. Has a proper laminated sink cover to match the bench top, not one of those flimsy plastic covers.

12 volt and USB Outlets

12 volt outlet with twin USB outlets. One in the kitchen, one in the dinette and we will even put one in the bedroom if you want.

Quality Vehicle Connection

Camper - Vehicle connection is via the Anderson Mid Power Spec Pak. Twin Anderson 75 amp connections for the Redarc BMS and Fridge (when motor running) plus 8 auxiliary connections for the tail lights and reversing cameras etc.

Huge Basement

Basement or Underfloor storage.

A huge storage area with a massive drawer on one side, 8' or approx. 2600mm,  which fits the entire annex with room to spare.

The Water Works


Check out all the Water System features of all Northern Lite Australian Ultimate models.

240 volt Wiring

We use the CMS Electracom 240 volt wiring system. The CMS double pole system is extremely safe to use and complies with all Australian Standards.