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How We Save You Money


The way we buy things these days has changed. We now buy many items on line and the reason is simple - It’s Cheaper.  Same product but at a substantial saving. While we would love to make an all Australian camper it would be impossible with the taxes, super, OH&S and many other government licences and restrictions.  Sadly, to make a quality camper like the Northern Lite in Australia would require massive capital to set up and even with the latest manufacturing techniques we would not be able to sell these campers at less than double the current price. But we can save you money on the best slide on camper we can source.

1. We import direct from the manufacturer with no “middle man” costs and we have sourced the cheapest shipping rates.  Can’t do much about the GST and import duty though.

2. We don’t rent or buy premises for showrooms or open branches in every capital city. These are high costs that would increase the prices substantially. This does not diminish our after sales service - we are always just a phone call away.

3. We don’t have staff and the associated costs for wages etc, or the expenses associated with premises like rent, insurance,  maintenance and all the other costs that go with maintaining a “shop front”.

4. Northern Lite manufacture the campers with Australian wiring and other fittings, which is much easier and cost effective to do during manufacture than to change at a later date.

5. Northern Lite Canada can buy the same fridges, stoves, air conditioners and water heaters etc at a fraction of the cost out here. It is a far bigger and more competitive market in North America where all or most of these products come from.

6. We don’t have to recover a massive advertising expense. We advertise on the internet and those who are doing their ‘homework’ before buying a camper invariably find us.  Just the cost of going to capital city caravan and camping shows would add a substantial amount to the sale price of each camper.

7. The cost of your airfares, up to $1000 is deducted from the sale price of a camper, meaning you can come over and have a proper look at the campers in your own time and it won’t cost you a fortune.  It’s cheaper than us having agents in each and every state. We’ll even take you for a long test drive and show you how it all works.

8. We do everything required: purchasing, importing, shipping,  website, accounting, sales enquiries, service and parts, make our own stationery, even make our own vinyl decals and stickers.

Our biggest expense is testing all the campers in Australian conditions and we do this at every opportunity. I wonder how many slide on camper sales staff have spent any time in a slide on camper at all? I seriously I doubt they would have spent the  amount of time we have in our camper over the last 12 years. You don't get to know what is required to live in a slide on for a prolonged period by sitting in an office. I reckon that you are better off to buy a slide on truck camper from someone who travels in one on a regular basis. My camper is correctly labelled “Head Office’ and I work from inside it very happily and often, like now as am writing this article as I look out over Baffle Creek.