Northern Lite Australian Slide On Truck Campers

The 8-11EX Australian Ultimate


Our most popular camper, small enough to fit a large range of vehicles yet big enough to travel in comfort. The best built, strongest yet lightweight camper with more standard features than you will find in any other camper on the market. Unmatched after sales service and support.

The 10-2EX Australian Ultimate


The flagship of the Northern Lite Truck Camper range,   the

 10-2EX is perfect for travelling this great land of ours. The big brother to the 8-11EX has the same superb build quality and features and after sales service and support.

Fully self contained as well and you can take it off the bitumen!


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Australian Ultimate Models

The Northern Lite Australian Ultimate Campers are widely recognised as the best fully self sufficient all purpose slide on truck camper available. The moulded fibreglass construction makes it best suited to all Australian road and off road conditions. Boasting the largest range of standard features in a slide on camper, these Australian Ultimate models are the complete package. Absolutely everything listed in the Standard Features is included with the camper. We don't sell you a camper then tell you it costs extra for an air conditioner, awning, turnbuckles, battery, gas bottles, etc etc etc.

Full Training & Support

We don't sell you a camper and send you on your way with a pile of user manuals.  We spend the time to show you how everything works, generally over a few days and usually camped close by.  It takes a bit of time to learn how to load and unload the camper properly and to become comfortable with the whole setup. This gives you and us a greater peace of mind. Even after this we are available 7 days a week if you need to ask a question or if you have a problem. Most of our customers have stayed in touch since buying their camper and we often get together for trips away.


The ‘clamshell’ moulded fiberglass construction of the Northern Lite campers makes them the strongest yet lightest slide on truck camper available. They are built from the outside in, not just panels stapled together. Build quality should be one of your top priorities when considering purchasing any RV. 

To get a bit of an insight as to how well they are made, read this Truck Camper Magazine Construction Article


Water leaks can do massive damage to RVs—no corner joins means no leaks!

Specifications 10-2 EX

  • Overall Width 2.49m  (98”)
  • Overall Length 5.54m (218”)
  • Overall Floor Length 3.33m  (131”)
  • Overall Height 2.69m  (106”)
  • Interior Headroom 203cm  (6’8”)
  • Dinette Bed 99cm x 190cm
  • Table Size 74cm x 97cm
  • Matress Size 152cm x 203cm
  • Bathroom 91cm x 104cm
  • Fresh Water Tank 136 litres
  • Waste Tank 68 litres
  • Grey Tank 151 litres
  • Hot Water Tank 23 litres
  • Propane Gas Capacity 18kg
  • Approx. Dry Weight 1480kg

Floorplans Ultimate Models


The  Northern Lite  Australian Ultimate 8-11 Floorplans and the Northern Lite Australian Ultimate 10-2 Floorplans have stayed much the same for a long time. The reason is simple - they work the best.   

These floorplans are the most popular by far in the USA and Canada and has just the right balance and feel. We have been travelling in ours for nearly 9 years and have yet to see a better floorplan.

Specifications 8-11EX

  • Overall Width 2.49m  (98")
  • Overall Length 4.95m  (195")
  • Center of Gravity 1.0m  (39.5")
  • Overall Floor Length 2.74m (108")
  • Overall Height 2.39m   (94")without AC.  2.5m with AC
  • Interior Headroom 193cm (6'4")
  • Dinette Bed    94cm x 170cm
  • Table Size   66cm x 91cm
  • Mattress Size  152cm x 203cm
  • Bathroom 114cm x 76cm x 188cm
  • Fresh Water Tank 125 litres
  • Waste Tank 47 litres
  • Grey Tank 91 litres
  • Hot Water Tank 23 litres
  • Propane Gas Capacity 18kg
  • Approx. Dry Weight 1220kg

Four Season Campers

These campers are the top selling five star rated fiberglass slide-in short bed truck camper in North America. The clam shell design makes them the best truck campers built. True four season truck campers. Built in Canada for cold Canadian winters means they can handle the hot Australian summers.  

The reality is that you can’t insulate a PopTop camper. That one foot of height you save with pop tops  is just a piece of vinyl. Slide outs are similar. They do not keep the cold or heat in or out so heating and/or air conditioning is mostly  useless.m

Interior Colour Schemes


There are Five Interior Colour Schemes available for the Northern Lite Australian Ultimate Camper Models.

If you later change your mind, or damage a cushion or part of the interior, you can replace the damaged part or the entire interior colour scheme and it is easy to do.


New Aussie Base Station

Coming Soon!

New Aussie Base Camp

Coming Soon!