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Redarc Battery Management system

Additional Information

   While there are a number of systems available on the market, none can match the Redarc’s multifunction ability in a compact and lightweight package. In basic terminology, the Redarc takes whatever power is available, from the vehicles alternator, 240 volt power including a generator and the solar panels and charges the house batteries to the optimum level using the power from the available source. Sounds simple enough, but to do this the Redarc BMS1230S2 has to function as several units in one. It is a multi stage AC to DC battery charger a DC to DC battery charger (for power supplied from the alternator and solar panels) and a solar regulator. It also incorporates a battery isolator to protect your vehicle or start battery. If no other power is available, it will not draw power from your vehicle battery unless the motor is running and the vehicle battery is fully replenished first.   However the Redarc does much more. The remote monitor lets you know where you stand, electrically speaking, at all times. It has a complex yet easy to use and understand monitoring system that tells you all you need to know about your house batteries. How much power you are using - this is very useful if you are not sure of the power drain of a particular appliance, like a laptop computer, as you can plug in the appliance and the monitor will tell you instantly how much power it is drawing. The Redarc also tells you how much power you are making, and from what source (solar, 240v, alternator) and how long till the battery is fully charged etc. These are things you need to know, especially if travelling for any length of time.    The above information is perhaps a bit over simplified but it gives an insight into the system. More detailed information can be found at the Redarc Website 

At Truck Campers Australia we have been using Redarc Battery Management Systems in all of our Campers for several years now.   We won't use anything else. The backup and support is second to none. There have been very few problems and most of those were user error.  We support all our customers long after warranty and it is comforting for us to know that if they have a problem with their power or BMS, we can get answers fast from an Australian company that makes the best RV power system available.  Our campers are world class fully self contained off road capable slide on campers and at the heart of these is the Redarc BMS.