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Solar Panels

Additional Information

We have extensively tested these lightweight solar panels and believe they are the best available..  Not only do they weigh only 2 kilograms compared to the 12 kg of the older solid glassed glass models, the output is slightly better and they sit flat on the roof so their is no wind resistance and they just  look better. You can even walk on them (but I would not recommend this  - maybe barefoot). These panels are  monocrystalline, recognised as the best available. We fit two 105watt panels on the roof and also supply  two 105watt portable  solar units as we have found that parking your camper in the hot sun just to get your roof solar working is not always the best option, so now you can park in the shade and put your portable panels in the sun.

There is much misinformation available on the internet regarding solar panels. You will be told that solar panels need air underneath to cool them, that the flexible panels don't work on hot days and that they delaminate in the heat.

There is some truth to these stories. Firstly, the flexible panels do work slightly better on a hot day if they are cooler, however this is only marginal and on hot sunny days you are unlikely to notice a 5% performance drop. Secondly these eArche panels do not delaminate or cease working on hot days. I have heard of some panels doing this but they were probably cheap panels and may have been incorrectly fitted and wired. eArche panels have a 5 year warranty and have been thoroughly tested in all temperatures and conditions.