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In 2010 Kay and I started looking for a motor home or camper, we went to all the caravan and camping shows checked out what was on offer, unfortunately nothing fitted our requirements, as I have a fishing boat and like to travel the back tracks and Kay required some home comforts .We decided a slide on camper was the go, we decided what vehicle we would use, a Nissan STX550. Then we started checking out what was available, we didn’t like most of what was on offer and reluctantly decided on a North Star,  but like all the rest everything was extra, you want a toilet $$$, you want an air conditioner $$$, you want an outside shower $$$ etc etc. 

We are self funded retiree’s and needed a package price, in desperation Kay started searching the net. We had seen some good campers in the USA and I thought I might import one, luckily for us she found Truck Campers Australia’s web site.   I looked at it daily for a fortnight and loved the 8-11. Garry sent me a link to the factory in Canada, after I checked it out I was 90% sold. 

Kay and I arranged to meet Garry and Robyn on their way to drop off a new camper to a customer. After checking it out,  we loved it and 4 years later we still love it. The thing that makes it so good is you buy a camper for a not negotiable price (Garry is a hard man to do a deal with) but you get everything lock, stock and barrel, there are no extras, no hidden charges, you just get a great camper no more to pay.  The things that count, the build fantastic, the finish fantastic, the cabinetry fantastic, the appointments fantastic, there is nothing made in China about a Northern Lite, I believe it is built to last. We have had no major issues with our camper, the clock would not work properly, Garry and Robyn sent us a new one, a small electrical gremlin appeared and Garry fixed it free of charge. We are more than happy to recommend Truck Campers Australia and their products. I would be pleased to discuss our camper with any interested party. 

Geoff and Kay Sandman  Mob 0409653605.

Ray & Gill’s “Ultimate Rig”  

Having now travelled over 40,000 Kilometers in our “Ultimate Rig”, the biggest bonus is in still being just as excited about our rig today as we were when we first set eyes on a “Northern Lite” Camper. We are reassured we made the right choice every time we get the “buzz” just showing our rig off to the many people who want a peak inside and dream of what might one day be their own dream.  Gary and Robyn are onto a great product and they really are good to deal with.

Research is the most important aspect of getting into one of these rigs and if you do your homework,  you will not go past a Northern Lite. The Camper is great and there is nothing built in Australia that compares in value, comfort and build quality. The Northern Lite really is 5 Star. You pay for what you get though and you do get a hell of a lot, with all dollars spent providing comfort and satisfaction.

As for what Ute to load up with a Northern Lite Camper - I looked at everything.  I even physically tried to get a Northern Lite onto an Iveco 4x4 and at the end of the day,  the choice of a dual cab Mazda BT50 was an easy one. Basically, you must balance the load and create a vehicle that is, both physically and legally, capable of carrying a Northern Lite Camper, while still providing the owner with all the benefits of lifestyle, flexibility of use and reliability. Basically that means all that is possible from your own wish list – we are all different. My BT50 has a 2.7metre flat tray, it has 2 different sets of tray sides for varied load carrying, it has a canvas canopy for the tray and it has recovery gear boxes under the tray. I live on an Island and I needed my Northern Lite carrier to be a “Universal soldier”. Specialized Vehicles in Sydney do a great Lazy Axle conversion and John Bourke is great to work with. Even the South Australian Motor Vehicle Inspectors said our conversion was one of the best they had seen. 

I believe we have the best of all worlds in my BT50 Ute,  including a full back seat to carry our two Border Collies and a reversing camera on my ute and two others on the rear of my Northern Lite Camper.  All we need now is the open road.

Finally, our Northern Lite / BT50 Combo is called “Ray & Gill’s –Ultimate Rig”.  You will have to find your own name if you want to join our growing family of Northern Lite Camper Owners – You will not regret your decision if you do.

Ray & Gill

My wife Lorraine and I retired in 2008 and having had a fifth wheeler since 2003 decided to look for a smaller motorhome to go into places not accessible in the 5th wheeler in future travels.
After much searching with no success we decided to look at a slide-on as we already had the f250 ute which could be used for both the 5th wheeler and a slide on.
We fortunately came across Garry and Robyn Davis's ":Truck Campers Australia" site and contacted and discussed Truck campers, and decided to go that way with an American unit as all the extra's were standard and the finished product was far superior to the slide-on available in Australia.
Garry sourced, organised shipping and import requirements for our truck camper in 2011 and we have nothing but praise for both the truck camper and Garry and Robyn, who we now classify as very good friends who we keep in contact with on a regular basis.
Regards and safe travelling to all
Max and Lorraine Folpp  
Blayney NSW

We have been absolutely delighted with the level of service we have received from Garry and Robyn. They could not have been more helpful from our initial enquiry, through the actual purchase and afterwards with minor post sales requirements. We would heartily recommend both the Northern Lite Campers and their professionalism.

Peter and Christine