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Water System Features

130 litre Fresh Water Tank:

With a water monitor inside to let you know how much water you have.

In Line Pressure Tank:

This stops the water pump from engaging every time a tap is turned on, an annoying noise, particularly at night.   

Town Water Connection:

Lets you connect directly to any available water supply.

20 Metre Water Hose:

 Complete with all tap fittings required.

Outside Shower:

Hot and cold, of course. There's another inside naturally.

Water Pressure Regulator:

Prevents any increase in water pressure from damaging your plumbing system and flooding your camper.

Grey Water Holding Tank:

Very handy and necessary in areas where you can't let your grey water go.

Waste Drain Hose:

With all necessary fittings. Stores in the rear bumper.


Tote Tank:

Allows you to easily empty your black water tank when camped.